Connect with your peers and the wider arts community.

You may have already considered a Group Show but didn't know enough artists to make it happen. GAS SYD has established a community of artists and venues that continues to grow with each show. As well as connecting artists with artists for shared supported, our shows also introduce artists to new audiences and collectors in a way that can only happen in a physical exhibition space. Our shows have also proven to increase social media traffic and followers for exhibiting artists via the combined power of each artist's social media as well as strategic campaigns by GAS SYD.

Group Art Shows Sydney (or GAS SYD), as the name suggests, creates dynamic group art shows, enabling exhibition opportunities for independent and emerging Sydney artists.

How our shows are supporting artists...


If you have ever considered holding a solo exhibition, you may know that in Sydney it could cost in the thousands of dollars depending on the venue and how much you are willing to outlay in marketing costs and the quality of your opening night event (where it’s likely most of your sales will occur so is an integral part of any exhibition). Even a large scale event like The Other Art Fair will cost an artist well over $1000 for the smallest stall and the fair takes a percentage commission on any sales, leaving some artists with little chance of turning a profit. By evenly splitting the cost of holding an exhibition among a group of artists, that cost is greatly reduced. So instead of an outlay of over a thousand dollars, an artist could be looking at an outlay of just over hundred dollars or less depending on the number of artists contributing to a Group Art Show. The cost is obviously variable from show to show, venue to venue, but it’s possible for an artist to recoup the cost in just one or two sales during the group show. GAS SYD does not take commission on sales however some venues that GAS SYD may partner with could take commission, though we prefer to partner with host galleries that align with our 'artists first' ethos and don't take a commission.


GAS SYD takes care of all the planning, logistics, marketing, and operation of the exhibition throughout its run as well as the all important opening night event. We also host a panel style Artists Talk for each exhibition, attracting another wave of guests following the Opening Night. In comparison, a solo exhibition can take months of planning and also full time attendance in the gallery throughout the duration of the exhibition. It can be a time consumptive and daunting task if you’ve never undertaken an exhibition before.

Opportunities for everyone.

We want each of our Group Art Shows to be a dynamic, memorable and eclectic showcase of practice, technique and subject matter as well as a platform for independent and emerging artists to get their work in front of the art loving public.Some existing exhibitions and art prizes can seem exclusionary, focusing on established artists, very traditional art practices and crowd pleasing themes. Finding opportunities for non-traditional practices (like digitally created art for example) and unconventional subject matter, particularly from emerging artists, can be difficult. We love the unique, the eccentric, the authentic, the daring and the wild!